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Meet Muriel in Santa Fe!


Hi my name is Muriël and I chose to do my traineeship in Santa Fe because it’s a unique place for artists and creative people.We asked Muriel some questions about her Business & Design Traineeship in the USA, read the complete interview here: Lees verder >

Meet Gilles in New York!


"I would highly recommend others to take the step to go abroad for an internship/traineeship as it is the perfect way to gain valuable work experience, while being able to explore and venture around a totally new area. It is guaranteed to be an unforgettable life experience that will shape you into an independent, international person." Lees verder >

Meet Camille in New York!


When I first visited New York City with my family over 2 years ago, I immediately fell in love with everything (yes, even the crowded places and the stinky subway) and told myself, “I want to experience living and working in this beautiful city. Whatever it takes, I’ll do it.” Lees verder >

Meet Ana in New York!


"I’m Ana, I’m a 26 year-old Graphic Designer from Bogotá, Colombia. My ultimate dream was to live in New York City and be a young independent woman doing what I love. I guess my dream came true with this program." We asked Ana some questions about her experience with the 18 month traineeship program: Lees verder >

Meet Gaby in New York!


"My advice to anyone would be to jump at an opportunity of doing your internship/traineeship abroad immediately!! It is fantastic to get to know yourself better, learn new things, new people and have the chance to emerge in a totally different culture. No one can ever take the experience away from you!" - Gaby (19) Read more about Gaby's Interior Design internship in New York here: Lees verder >

Meet Victoria in New York!


"It is worth the experience! You will meet so many great people, you will live a totally different life and learn how to deal with challenging situations on your own. It will definitely make you grow and everybody should take the chance and go abroad! You will not regret it!"Victoria is from Germany and is currently doing an internship in New York City. We asked her some questions about her experiences, read the full interview here. Lees verder >

Meet Craig in Florida!


"...if you have the opportunity to go somewhere and learn new skills, go!" Craig is doing an 18-month traineeship in Florida, we asked him some questions about his experiences. Read the full interview here: Lees verder >

Meet Sam in New York!


"I visited the Niagara Falls with a colleague who is also an intern at the company. However, one of the most impactful events I visited was the Global Citizen Festival. This music festival is organized by a lot of different communities and organizations who are part of a movement to end extreme poverty and inequality. Around 50 of the most international known celebrities attend this event, I saw for example Leonardo DiCaprio, Ryan Tedder, Carole King, Kelly Clarkson, Pharrell Williams etc. The most memorable moment was when Alicia Keys started to sing New York, I had the feeling that I truly made it." Sam, 22 years old, is studying Business Administration and just finished his 5 month internship in New York City! Read more about his experiences here: Lees verder >

Meet Liedeke in New York!


"First of all, everything is possible here. I walk out of my apartment and everything is there, many different shops, places to eat, theaters, everything! That’s definitely something I’m going to miss when I’m back home. Also I’m impressed how extreme people celebrate days such as Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Especially Halloween and Thanksgiving, which we do not celebrate in The Netherlands are so much fun to experience here." We asked Liedeke some questions about her Marketing and Communications Internship in the Fashion Industry in the heart of New York!  Lees verder >

Meet Bei Yi in Portland!


"Do things you’ve always wanted but would never have dared to while you were at home. This is an opportunity of change which you would probably carry with you forever. Don’t be afraid to be yourself!"We asked Bei Yi some questions about her 10 month internship in Portland, Oregon. Read the complete interview here: Lees verder >

Meet Laura in London!


We asked Laura to share some of the experiences she made in London. Lees verder >

Meet Herrald in Sydney!


Herrald is 23 years old, from the Netherlands and was studying Business Development and Entrepreneurship until he decided to go abroad. And so he did. Flash forward to half a year later; he has been an intern in Sydney for almost 4 months now. We asked Herrald some questions about his internship. Lees verder >